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Rotten Rollin

Rotten Rollin Brand includes urban streetwear, designed for musicians, graffiti artists, rebels, skaters and, anyone with a taste for the extreme!

Roland Banks aka Rotten Rollin, accomplished musician and drummer from Hollywood, CA, brings you a wild selection of his personal branded merchandise. 

With global shipping available, check out the merchandise range available now.

Keep in touch with all of Rotten Rollin's new music too.

A fun new release, produced by Roland Banks and Michael Harmon


Track available on all platforms.

New release from Test Human with Rotten Rollin on drums

M.O.B. (Music Over Business) x Onyx Killa Vibes remix produced / executive produced by M.O.B. (Guitars, keys, production)

Rotten Rollin on drums
Stu Brooks on bass
Stephen Lashbrook on percussion

Onyx on the vocals! This is a killer remix for a killer track!


Engineered/co-produced  by Thomas Queyja. & R-Low (mixed, mastered) of M.O.B. Records.

"Roland came in on the first couple of takes and really drove the power of the song home. He is truly in my eyes Hollywood's last great Real Rock N Roll drummer." - M.O.B.

A feel good single by Rotten Rollin, Wish You Well.

A hard core yet soulful track with fellow collaborators - Shifty (CXT), Peter DiStefano (Porno for Pyros), Raoul Gonzales (OG6Blocc), Fuxwag, Moeazy and Mikal Blue Revolver Studios.

This single pledges 20% of all net sales will go to Mental Health America, a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the needs of people struggling with mental illness, as well as attempting to lift the overall mental wellbeing of the nation.

Check out the full press release here.

Single available on all platforms.

A gentle track written by Tanner Alexander, Counting Sheep; with collaboration from Rotten Rollin, Peter DiStefano, and Mikal Blue.


Track available on all platforms.

PMA All Day is included in a 21 track album, titled Califas Worldwide being released for (HED) P.E by Suburban Noize Records.

PMA, standing for positive mental attitude, is how Rotten Rollin chooses to live his life and, working together with his friends to send a positive message worldwide, PMA All Day is a reggae anthem to uplift and provide positive vibes through these challenging times we find ourselves faced with now.  

This track was produced by Roland Banks aka Rotten Rollin, Peter DiStefano and Mikal Blue. The track incorporates Rotten Rollin, Angelo Moore, Shifty, Jared Gomes, H.R. Peter DiStefano, Mikal Blue, Philip Nielsen, Norwood Fisher and, 6 Blocc.

This single, in collaboration with M.O.B Records and featuring Tony Santana, Fourte, Peter DiStefano, Mikal Blue and Proto.

Available on all platforms.

This collaboration features Bangroc - Norwood Fisher, Spoon, Paccmanh.

Produced with Pyre

Rotten Rollin
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